Important Information You Must Know About Facebook Advertising

It has been reported only very recently that Facebook has overtaken Google as the most visited site in the internet. This, of course, comes as no surprise because this social networking site already has half a billion of members who make sure not to miss logging into their accounts at least once a day.With its millions of members, Facebook also becomes a very attractive means of conducting advertising and promotional activities. In fact, when the site actually opened its Facebook Advertising online facility, internet marketing businesses immediately grabbed the opportunity and began promoting their products on the site.According to many of the online entrepreneurs who have established advertising campaigns in Facebook, the effort has paid off in unexpected ways. They have seen immediately their site’s traffic substantially increase and their sales, consequently, grow.However, if you are just trying to start out with your own online marketing business, it is best that you also learn some of the most fundamental information that may be helpful in your Facebook advertising campaign. It is by doing so, that you also get to be educated about the tactics and strategies employed by many successful online marketing endeavors done in the social networking site.One of the most basic features that is very advantageous for your business in Facebook is the profiling system. Through this, you will be able to focus your campaign to only those who will most probably be interested with the product you are selling.It is important that you put a human face for your product or for your advertising effort and the best one is certainly yours. By putting a photo of yourself in your profile, you actually make your business more credible in the eyes of potential customers, making them trust your product also in the process.While your own picture on the profile may make you more credible, people will have to appreciate your creativity in order to be convinced about your product too. This is the reason why you will have to make a really attractive and imaginative advertising post; this should be a combination of attention-grabbing graphics and encouraging text.Facebook Advertising can be expensive though and this is the reason why you have to learn about the advertising options that it provides so that you can choose which is most appropriate for you. You should only pick the option which you think can bring you the most leads or traffic without having to spend so much.As Facebook continues to grow, it may also develop more features for its online advertising facility. This is why you should continuously update yourself on the latest improvements so that you can immediately use them while you try to intensify your advertising efforts.

4 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Advertising

When advertising on Facebook, you always want to know how your campaigns are doing, and you want to push for best results possible.Even though return on investment (ROI) is the most crucial metric, it takes time before you have enough data. That’s why many marketers focus on the click-through rate (CTR) of their ads first. It’s the best way to compare your campaigns once you get some initial data.This is not only relevant to you, but Facebook also uses it. The CTR of your campaigns plays a huge role in the relevance score of Facebook ads, and it can help to bring your advertising cost down.In other words, improving your CTR helps to improve your Facebook advertising.With that in mind, here are 4 ways to improve your Facebook advertising.1. Select the Right Audience for Your CampaignsIt’s essential to target the right set of audience for your campaign. For instance, if you target apple juice lovers in an orange juice campaign, you’ll get low click-through rates. You may get some traction, but this is not what you want to get and nor does the targeted audience.So, you need to select the right your audience for your ad if you want it to perform well.2. Improve the Look and Feel of Your CampaignYou’ll need an impressive ad copy and design to make sure your targeted audience click on your ads.To increase the chances of people noticing and clicking the ads, you need to focus on your headline. Your headline should be the “magnet” of your campaign. People always read the headline first before moving onto other elements.Also, use spaces well and create content that’s engaging and persuasive. In Facebook ads, image occupies 80% of the space. So your image should speak louder than words.3. Build a Solid Offer behind Your AdThe success of Facebook advertising doesn’t just depend only on the right audience and killer copy. There’s more to it. If you don’t have a solid offer or reason behind your campaign, you won’t get more traction – even if many people see your ad.To get your targeted audience interested in your product, you need to have something that will make them want to explore and find out more. Make a strong case why someone should sign up for your services.4. A/B Test EverythingA/B testing is the most crucial way to improve your CTR and conversions. Proactively monitor your ad’s performance to maximize and improve your CTR. Monitor the performance you’re getting from your different audience sets and change and optimize where possible.