Open Graph Is Changing Facebook’s User Interactivity – Changing Facebook Advertising Trends

Facebook rolled out open graphs for Facebook apps and changed the dynamics for user interactivity on the platform, yet again. However, the quality change for apps will also mean a significant change on the Facebook advertising trends. Till date, the social media giant has amassed a social significance with its advertising platform.However, the new initiative will present open graph stories in a much better format both on the news feed and on individual timelines. The content consumption trend is clearly new now. The apps will not only function as view but they will be categorized as built-in actions – read, listen, watch, follow posts, and likes.What does this imply for paid advertising trends?The initiative was targeted towards increasing the development of organic stories of content and product consumption on Facebook. Paid advertisers can now create improved and organic hype based on the user interactivity, which is clearly measurable now with the open graph tools.The sponsored story type ad will come up more conveniently with direct referrals from consumers, rather than just relying on the tickr advertisements at the far end of the newsfeed.Using Open graph for advertisingThe open graph stories are built on four key elements – user, the action, the product, and the application. The application is the platform on which the user can implement various actions regarding the product or the object. So, if you are reading Harry Potter – In this case, Harry potter is the product and you are the user. Your action on the Facebook app is to read the book.Two main ways of advertising on the Facebook platformAction Spec (You can also find more inclusive and up to date details, directly on the Facebook developers’ page- advertisers can target heir ad campaigns to specific user app based interactivity. This gives you a highly personalized advertisement campaign, which clearly increase your chances of consumer engagement on your own platform- Company Facebook page or website.Before creating an ad through Facebook Ads API, you should streamline your process by identifying as many app activity markers that can relate t your product specifically and your industry in general. This compilation will help you in creating advertisements that can cater directly to your target audiences increasing your chances of fans and customer acquisition.Sponsored Stories(Read through this link on the Facebook developers page for more up to date information and detailed explanation on publishing your sponsored stories than a consolidation of all app activities of a consumer, this option rather takes in to account the interactivity on one particular app and builds on it. This specifically works for online service ad campaigns or even app installation service campaigns because the news feed story is very personalized. A mutual friend’s experience automatically influences their peer group and fans to check the service or app out.Open graph was tentatively launched in January 2013 and opened for public by March 2013. The service has not only helped develop targeted business ads but helped individual users as stay better connected and aware of their friends’ app and activity choices via the graph search.